Do Bunnies Like Kisses? Should You Kiss Them at All?

Do Bunnies like Kisses?

Humans show affection to pets differently. Some stroke, pet, or even kiss them! However, different pets like to be petted differently. While some enjoy stroking, others prefer cuddling. The one place you can’t go wrong when petting a bunny is behind its ears. Most enjoy it and will stay calm for you to do it. … Read more

Speaking Rabbit: How Do Rabbits Say Thank You?

How do Rabbits say Thank You?

You’re excited about your new rabbit as your household pet, but you’re not yet sure how your rabbit feels about you.  Are they comfortable with you? Are they upset or happy? Was that a “thank you” or a “please, get away from me.”  Navigating your new pet’s personality isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve opted … Read more

Rabbit’s Diet: What Do Rabbits Eat?

What Do Rabbits Eat?

What would happen if you failed to eat a healthy diet? Well, we all know the answer. Eventually, your body will grow weak and susceptible to diseases because a good diet is everything. The same case happens to rabbits. Eating well is really important for them. Rabbits should only eat plant-based foods continuously. They have … Read more

Can rabbits drink milk?

Can Rabbits Drink Milk?

Having a pet bunny sounds exciting and fun. But, adopting or rescuing one is a big responsibility because you have to provide high-quality food, a hygienic environment, play with them, love them unconditionally, and so much more.  Every so often, after getting a bunny, especially a baby bunny, most people will provide milk. Because you … Read more

Where Do Bunnies Like To Be Petted?

Where Do Bunnies Like To Be Petted?

Many people believe that rabbits are not affectionate pets and do not enjoy being petted. Contrary to that belief, rabbits can have quite affectionate personalities. They just happen to be slow to build trust because they are prey animals.  Naturally, they are used to the fight or flight mentality. So, one wrong move when approaching … Read more

5 Best Rabbit Litters For 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

Best Rabbit Litter

There are so many options for rabbit litter out here, so choosing the best one for your bunnies might be challenging. Some are amazing, while others might not be so great.  The wrong type of litter can cause health complications. That’s why we’ve done the research to provide you with reviews to help you choose … Read more

How Many Times Do Bunnies Eat a Day?

how many time do bunnies eat a day

Rabbits are always munching on something. They have a complex digestive system that is constantly moving, hence the urge to eat throughout the day. Besides, these cuties seem unsure of what they can digest, so they may eat things like fur (combined with their food), which may cause blockage.  To prevent blockage, they need to … Read more