Do Bunnies Like Kisses? Should You Kiss Them at All?

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Do Bunnies like Kisses?

Humans show affection to pets differently. Some stroke, pet, or even kiss them!

However, different pets like to be petted differently. While some enjoy stroking, others prefer cuddling.

The one place you can’t go wrong when petting a bunny is behind its ears. Most enjoy it and will stay calm for you to do it. Stroking is not a bad idea either, but kissing? 

This concept of “petting” is debatable. Do bunnies even like it? Is it safe to kiss a rabbit? These are but two of the questions asked when debating on the topic. 

This post answers those questions and others related to kissing bunnies. 

Keep reading to find out more.

Do Rabbits Understand When You Kiss Them?

I know you have the best intentions when kissing your rabbit. Unfortunately, unless you’ve established a strong bond, your rabbit won’t understand when you kiss them.

The same way you would be confused if someone tried to kiss you out of nowhere is the same confusion your bunny would have if you walked right up to them and offered a kiss. They might even bite or run, thinking you are trying to harm them. So sad, but it’s a normal reaction.

Though I must say, not all rabbits will respond negatively. Some will just stare or remain calm, but this doesn’t mean they understand you are kissing them. Stroking or petting behind the ears is more appreciated than kisses.

Unless your bunny is used to human affection, they don’t understand kisses. This means before you start kissing them, you should strengthen your bond so she understands a kiss is your way of saying I love you, cutie!

But even when she understands affection, any new way of petting will take time to register in her mind. If your bunny is used to being stroked, she will have a hard time responding to or figuring out a kiss. 

All this to say, while bunnies might not understand kisses at first, they learn to appreciate them with time. Some even respond by kissing back! But only after they’ve mastered that kisses are a way to show love. 

But generally, rabbits assume you are grooming them when you try to kiss them. If they feel safe around you, they may groom you back by reciprocating your kiss.

Do Rabbits Like Kisses?

That depends; if your bunny understands kisses, she might like them. 

But if she doesn’t, you’re just wasting your time. Again, this varies for individual bunnies. Rabbits understand human affection, but not necessarily kissing. 

Bonding takes time, so until she understands you are just showing love, your bunny will not feel safe when she sees your big head coming right at her. 

Though, as I said, when your bunny is comfortable around you, it will reciprocate your love. This is the right time to introduce kissing as a love language

Two Bunnies Kiss
Two Bunnies Kissing

Can I teach my bunny to kiss me?

You can. I suggest teaching them kisses so you know if they like them.

Since bunnies understand human affection, teaching them how to kiss is not as hard as it sounds. The secret is to bond first. Create a safe environment for her and allow her to sit on your lap once in a while.

But if she doesn’t want to, let her be. You can’t bond by forcing her to do things. Bunnies need to feel safe first, so they can bond. Once they are safe, they will let you stroke their backs and pet them behind the ears.

Also, you need to learn where bunnies like to be petted so you don’t touch them somewhere they are not comfortable being touched. You can also offer treats while petting to show more love. The idea is to win her over with petting until she is comfortable around you.

Once you’ve won her heart, start introducing kisses. Kiss her first, then say the command word “kisses” so she understands what you are doing to her.

Don’t expect your bunny to learn like a human. Be patient with her and continue kissing her while saying the command word. With time, she will master the word and start responding.

Lie close to her when you say the word. She might lick you or respond with nuzzles as a way of kissing you back. 

Where should I kiss my bunny, cheeks, or lips?

Cheeks seem safer than lips. It’s easier to pass a cold to your bunny through the lips than through the cheeks. Besides, when it comes to hygiene matters, cheeks are safer.

Another thing, your bunny may find it weird when you kiss her on the lips. Rabbits are prey, so they are always alert in case an enemy approaches. When you bring your head straight to her face to kiss her on the lips, she may see it as a threat and bite you. 

She might even scratch you on the nose, causing a serious injury. Bunnies are used to being petted on the cheeks, so it’s easier to adapt to a kiss on the cheeks.

However, this doesn’t mean a lip kiss is totally out of the question. It can be done but requires caution.

First, ensure you don’t have a cold so you don’t pass it to your bunny. Bunnies are susceptible, hence the extra caution. 

The other thing is to ensure your rabbit is safe from viruses and other disease-causing bacteria. To be a hundred percent safe, don’t kiss her on the lips if you are pregnant or have a weak immune system. 

Apart from health measures, ensure you’ve created a strong bond with your pet before trying a lip kiss. You can start with cheek kisses before progressing to a lip kiss.

Girl kissing a bunny
Girl kissing a bunny

Is it Safe to Kiss Bunnies?

If they are healthy, they will understand your intentions, and if your immunity is fine; kissing them is safe.

You should also be free from infections like a cold to avoid passing it to your bunny. A normal cold in humans can be a serious health issue for your bunny since their immunity is nowhere close to that of humans.

When is it unsafe to kiss your bunny?

When you are pregnant or have weak immunity, your body is too weak to defend itself from any disease-causing germs.

In addition, it’s unsafe when you are sick from a cold since you can infect your bunny. Also, when the bunny doesn’t understand kissing as a way of showing affection, they can easily harm you while defending themselves.

You should also avoid kissing your bunny when she is anxious or aggressive, even when she is used to it. It’s easy to misunderstand your intentions at such times.

What it Means if Your Bunny Kisses you Back

Your bunny will kiss you back when she is reciprocating your love. It means she understands your affection and is trying to tell you she likes you too.

However, not all bunnies understand kisses. Most take it as a way of grooming, so she will assume you are grooming her when you kiss her. As a result, she will respond by licking you too, which may come as a kiss.

To her, she is just grooming you as you groomed her. Though I must say, the fact that she grooms you back means she likes you. Bunnies don’t lick strangers or anybody they are not comfortable around. 

This narrows down to kissing as a way of showing love. Whether it’s grooming or not.

My Secret Technique to Get Bunny Kisses


It’s natural to want to kiss your bunny, especially when she stares at you with those beautiful eyes. You are doing it out of love, but this doesn’t mean she understands your intentions.

Unless you’ve taught your bunny about kisses and she responds positively to them, you can’t assume all bunnies like kisses. It would be unfair to assume so, especially since not everyone understands what kisses are.

The good news, though, is that you can teach your bunny how to kiss, and if you are lucky, she will respond by kissing you back!

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