Where to Buy Rabbits for Pets?

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Where to Buy Rabbits for Pets

Are you eyeing a cute little rabbit for you or your kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place, then!

There’s no rocket science to buying rabbits, but it is better if you equip yourself with proper knowledge before stepping into the market. They’re cute, but bunnies need proper care and attention like any other pet.

But if you have made your way here, chances are you already know a thing or two about rabbits and how you can keep them as pets. 

Did you know that rabbits are the third most popular household pet? Yes, it’s true. Rabbits are pretty popular. 

Are you interested in knowing where you can get yours? Well, let’s find out!

5 Places To Buy Rabbits For Pets

The question is, where do you buy your rabbit from? An animal shelter? Or perhaps a breeder? We’ll let you in on it.

1. Pet Store

The most obvious answer is a pet store.

Run down to the nearest pet store and ask them for a rabbit. Since they are popular animals, you will find one with ease. However, there’s a thing or two that you need to remember.

Pet stores are notorious for keeping animals in poor conditions. They are often grouped in small cages, leading to hygiene and other health-related problems.

Not only do the animals end up getting ill, but they are also lazy and out of energy because they do not get enough exercise. According to PDSA, rabbits require regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.

If you are persistent in purchasing a pet rabbit from your local pet store, make sure everything is in order: the conditions, diet, cages, bedding, and the rabbit’s physical state.

2. Newspapers

Another easy and simple way is to go through your newspaper. Often, people post ads about their pet businesses. Breeders like to market their pets in magazines and newspapers too.

Again, you would want to see the physical condition of the place where the pets are kept before making the final choice. A diseased pet might not live a long time with you.

A rabbit looking happy playing outside
A rabbit looking happy playing outside

3. Websites

You might find rabbits being sold as pets on websites. Look for one in your hometown so you can visit the place in person.

Ideally, you are looking for a website or a business with a reputable name. Don’t buy from an unknown seller. You also want to steer clear of people who indulge in illegal poaching. 

Consider buying your rabbit pet from one of the following websites:

4. Animal Shelters

The safest route to acquiring a pet rabbit is to contact an animal shelter. For starters, these shelters hire professional vets who know what they are doing. So if a pet becomes ill, they can handle it. 

Secondly, they know the ideal living conditions the pet needs to thrive. They will provide them with the right amount of exercise, a balanced diet, some toys for entertainment, and the right bedding.

You can expect a pet rabbit from an animal shelter to be healthy and happy. 

5. Private Agencies

The concept of private agencies has also sprung up in recent years.

These agencies have dedicated, knowledgeable staff who are experts at what they do. They are specialized for sure pets. In this case, you might want to contact a private rabbit agency.

Private agencies are in contact with animal shelters too, so in case you can’t find one, contact an animal shelter, and they might hook you up with a reputable private rabbit agency. 

It is also necessary to conduct a background check on the organization. Apart from the conditions in which the pets are kept, it would help if you looked at their history and reviews, in case you find them. 

How Much Is a Rabbit for a Pet?

If you buy from a local pet shop, you can expect a pet rabbit to cost $20-$45. Bunnies in rescue shelters cost less, though.

But when it comes to breeders, the price differs. They have specific prices for certain breeds. The rare ones go for quite a buck. Purebred bunnies are perhaps the most expensive out there.

You can also purchase other things for your pet. If you haven’t made a cage for your pet rabbit, you need to buy one from the market. This can cost you around $100. 

Remember to buy a high-quality, sturdy cage to keep your furry friend secure. 

While these are initial expenses, the rest will follow through from time to time. This includes food, chew toys, treats, and bedding (which needs to be changed every once in a while).

So, keeping a pet rabbit is not that easy. You should be prepared to spend a dollar or two, which applies to all pets.

Is It Better to Adopt a Rabbit for a Pet or Buy One?

A girl playing with rabbits on her shoulders
A girl playing with rabbits on her shoulders

The million-dollar question: Should you adopt a pet bunny or buy one? 

It boils down to convenience and the effort you are willing to put into this. Going to your local pet shop and buying a rabbit won’t cost you a lot of time. Adopting one might be a hassle because you must look up adoption centers and similar places near you.

But running checks, doing research, and asking questions require extra effort. If you are willing to go the extra mile, then you might want to contact the customers of the pet shop or the animal shelter.

This is to ensure that the rabbits they bought are doing alright. 

There is no denying that pet stores should not be your first choice if you want to purchase a rabbit. 

Rabbits, like other animals, require socialization, a good diet, and exercise. To be blunt, pet shops cannot provide this environment for them. Since they have many pets, they force them to live in tiny cages. 

Moreover, you will observe that the pets are dirty, lazy, and unhappy. You cannot expect a sad and unhealthy pet to live for a very long time. There is a high chance that these pets already carry diseases from other animals in the shop. 

This, paired with poor nutrition, makes their immune systems vulnerable and weak. So your best action is to avoid buying rabbits from pet shops. 

PetMD notes how rabbits run into gastro-related diseases on an everyday basis. 

If you live in a small town or city where you have limited buying options, you might have no choice but to go to your local pet shop. 

Again, we would want you to consider this as your last resort. 

It is essential to check the rabbit’s mobility first. See if it can walk properly and observe its reactions to food and toys. You can also take the rabbit to a veterinarian after buying it. Conduct a thorough health checkup to ensure your pet is healthy.

However, you might also want to consider a few things when adopting a pet bunny. 

Visit the farm, the breeding place, or the adoption center personally. Check out the site where the rabbits are born and brought up. Cleanliness and hygiene should be top-notch. 

Apart from that, the relationship between the breeder and the pets is also important. You would want to see how the pet rabbits react around the breeder. 

Are they scared? Or do they feel comfortable with the caretaker?

Lastly, the breeder should be able to guide you through the post-care of the pet. This shows that they care about the pet and want you to continue caring for it. 

It wouldn’t hurt to ask for references from previous customers as well. This way, you can contact them and ask them about their experience and how their pet rabbit is doing now. 

Of course, don’t forget to grab the breeder’s contact information in case you run into a problem or two in the future.

Explaining where to get a pet rabbit


By now, we’re certain that you are equipped with enough knowledge to purchase a pet rabbit on your own. 

This is only the first step in the whole process. From the moment you walk out with it, you are responsible for caring for the pet and ensuring that it stays healthy and happy.

A word of caution, though. Rabbits do well in groups, and since they are social animals, they dislike being left alone. You might want to buy at least two or more rabbits. This will ensure that your pets stay happy together.

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