What Is A Group Of Rabbits Called? & Other Collective Nouns

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What Is A Group Of Rabbits Called?

Rabbits are the social type, which is why you’re advised to get a bonded pair when adopting them. But don’t feel bad if you can only take care of one; you’ll just need to be his companion. 

Due to their social nature, rabbits in the wild always walk in groups. It’s hard to spot a single rabbit, and if you do, chances are there are others around. 

Did you know there is a term used for a group of rabbits? Most of us are comfortable using the phrase “a group of rabbits,” so we assume it’s the correct term.

It’s not; there is a collective noun used to refer to a bunch of bunnies, and no, it’s not ‘bunch.’

Keep reading to find out.

What is a Group of Rabbits Called?

Rabbits in a group are called a “fluffle.” However, there are several other terms (which we’ll discuss later) used to refer to a group of rabbits.

Fluffle is the common term, and I don’t know, but it sounds just right! Maybe it’s because I associate it with fluffy, like a fluffy bunny. Or a furry little bunny, I bet you can also picture a bunch of furry bunnies when the word fluffle comes up. 

Or is it my wild imagination? 

But we can all agree that the term fits well with bunnies, right?

What Do You Call a Group of Baby Rabbits?

A group of baby rabbits is often called a litter, while a baby rabbit is referred to as a kit or kitten. So when you hear “a litter of rabbits,” a group of kittens should come to mind. 

Though I must say, a litter applies to a group of kits from a single mating. You can also call them a nest or kindle of rabbits. The term “kindle” comes from “kindling,” the process of giving birth.

For clarity, a baby rabbit is one between zero and three months old. So you can’t call a group of six-month-old rabbits a litter. Those are called a fluffle.

The average number of babies in a litter is five, but a litter can consist of up to twelve baby rabbits. So you can own a buck and a doe today and have twelve new bunnies in a month! As insane as it sounds, it’s very practical. 

Depending on the breed, a rabbit’s gestation period is about 31 days. Some even take 27 or 28 days. Also, did you know that a doe can get pregnant a day after giving birth? 

If she has contact with a buck, nothing will stop her from conceiving, and after about a month, another litter. 

Group of rabbits
Group of rabbits

Other Collective Nouns Used to Refer to a Group of Rabbits

While the common term for a group of bunnies is fluffle, other collective nouns are used to refer to the same.

Don’t be surprised if someone calls them a herd or colony. We all use different collective nouns depending on which part of the English-speaking world you come from.

Fluffle is common in North Canada; actually, the term may be new to those from other parts of the world. Such people will often use the terms “herd” or “colony.” The same way we say a herd of cattle, you can say a herd of rabbits.

“Colony” is often used to refer to a group of rabbits in the wild as they live in large colonies. 

If you’re familiar with the term “warren,” then you might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned it yet. I have my reasons; while some may use it to mean a group of bunnies, ‘warren’ is the name of a rabbit’s habitat.

Rabbits in the wild live together in burrows, which are tunnels dug underground. These burrows are interconnected, creating a series of tunnels called a warren. So when you say “a warren of rabbits,” you mean a series of burrows where rabbits live, not necessarily a group of rabbits. 

The correct term would be a fluffle, herd, or colony of rabbits. But why would you say herd or colony? Fluffle sounds as cute as those bunnies. 

How Many Rabbits are in a Fluffle?

A fluffle of rabbits means a group of bunnies, but how many are you talking about?

Well, there is no specific number for how many rabbits are in a fluffle. They would be ten or even fifty, but you sure can’t call two bunnies a fluffle. A pair would be more suitable. 

Imagine saying you keep a fluffle or colony of rabbits when you only have two bunnies; it doesn’t sound right. 

GROUP Of Rabbits Is Called

Bottom Line

A group of rabbits is either called a “fluffle,” “herd,” or “colony.” Baby rabbits are called kits or kittens, but several from a single mating are referred to as a litter. You can also use the terms “nest” or “kindle” for a group of kits. 

Now you know, so never use the usual phrase “a group of bunnies.”

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