8 Best Pellets For Rabbits For 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Pellets for Rabbits

Fluffy bunnies hopping around the house is such a pleasant and proud sight for every rabbit owner. You don’t want to compromise on your bunny’s health.

The best way to feed your bunny a proper diet with high nutritional value is to buy a quality food pellet. 

Choosing the best pellets for rabbits can be overwhelming with all kinds of different products swarming the market.

We have tried, tested, and found Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellets for Rabbits to be the best food for your bunnies.

If you have a favorite brand or can’t find the Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellet, we have our top 10 alternatives in this article that you can try for your bunny.

Our Top 8 best pellets for rabbits at a glance

8 Best Pellets For Rabbits 

To help you find the tastiest and most nutritious among all the different kinds of rabbit pellets, here are the best pellets for your rabbit. 

1. Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellets For Rabbits

Overall best food pellets for rabbits!

Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellets For Rabbits

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We have Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit food as our number one nutritionally rich food pellet. Kaytee is one of the most trusted brands known for providing a healthy diet for all kinds of small domestic animals.

This extruded pellet serves as a fortified gourmet diet that is rich in fiber and has significant nutritional value. It is entirely made of organic hay, fruit, veggies, seeds, and grains.

The pellet is very healthy and tasty, including all sorts of delicious treats to keep your bunnies craving more. The “Fiesta” formula is rich in prebiotics and probiotics. So, it helps to strengthen your rabbit’s digestive system.

The pellet is not only healthy but also very enjoyable and enriching for your pet rabbits. You can keep your bunnies happy and healthy by feeding them a good amount of Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellets.


  • Good for the dental health of your rabbits.
  • Approved by most vets. Recommended Brand.
  • Contain natural antioxidants to strengthen the immune system.
  • Ideal for all rabbit types.
  • Very palatable rabbit pellet.


  • Addictive for bunnies.

2. Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food

Best value option for growing healthy pet rabbits! 

Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food

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Oxbow is known for being the ultimate consumer choice in the rabbit food market. It’s been around for ages, providing premium quality rabbit food for bunnies from the very beginning.

The Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food Pellet provides a healthy diet for your bunny without mixing any additives for taste or good flavor. 

Oxbow only uses organic hay materials to create the basis of its food pellets as recommended by veterinarians. To increase the nutritional value of the food pellet, they create food that’s rich in fiber.

Since young rabbits are heavy chewers, the food must be easily digestible. That’s exactly what fibers do. The fibers keep your bunny’s digestive system healthy and running. 


  • Support healthy digestion in your rabbit.
  • Promote muscle development in bunnies.
  • Prevent unhealthy selective feeding.
  • Good nutritional rabbit pellet.
  • Offer your bunny a fiber-rich diet.
  • Flavored rabbit food pellets.
  • Contain probiotics.


  • Not very palatable for adult rabbits.
  • It may cause constipation, leading to GI problems in the long run.

3. Alfavet Rodicare Basic Food Pellet for Rabbits

Budget option for healthy rabbit pellets 

Alfavet Rodicare Basic Food Pellet for Rabbits

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Third on the list is Alfavet Rodicare Basic Food Pellet for bunnies. If you’re on a budget, this is the best rabbit pellet. Made from all organic products, this food pellet is a wholesome treat for your bunnies.

To keep your rabbit’s digestion optimal, the pellet contains high levels of easily digestible raw fiber. It’s a very crucial element to maintaining the intestinal flora in your bunny’s stomach. Ultimately, it promotes intestinal peristalsis. So, your bunny can easily chew and digest the food completely.

The pellet contains different types of herbal essentials obtained from various sources, including fenugreek seeds, calamus root, and turmeric. They help stimulate appetite in your bunny and regulate digestive activity.

You get a nutritious treat for your bunnies mixed with chamomile flowers, peppermint, licorice, fennel, and caraway seeds in combination with vitamins and minerals.

The combined mixture provides fast available energy for your bunnies, which helps in maintaining healthy liver metabolism. The vitamins and minerals are there to prevent nutritional and disease-related deficiencies.


  • Good for all rabbits aged over 6 months.
  • Contain 21% of crude fibers.
  • Made from 42 different types of grass for better taste.
  • Optimal calcium for better oral health.
  • Available in three different fiber lengths.


  • Not very rabbit friendly.
  • Some rabbits don’t like its smell.

4. Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food

Favorite food pellets for adult rabbits!

Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food

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Supreme Petfoods is a well-made self-sufficient brand that produces selective pet food items. This food pellet is designed especially for adult rabbits.

Instead of creating an all-in-one product, they provide separate food pellets for all age groups of rabbits. You can buy the pellet that best suits the life stage of your bunnies and feed them healthy, nutritious treats.

Although the main ingredient is hay, this pellet has a tasty vegetable flavor for better palatability. The pellet is high in fiber and has natural prebiotics to strengthen the digestive system of your rabbits.

There are no added sugars or sweeteners to avoid any additives. Only organic materials are used to create this pellet. It’s also rich in omega 3 and 6 elements, which promote a healthy lifestyle for your adult rabbit.


  • High in natural fiber to promote digestion. 
  • Kind to teeth with no sugar additives.
  • Organic materials for better health.
  • Phosphorus-rich diet for vitality.
  • Perfect for adult rabbits.


  • Expensive.
  • It May cause diarrhea.

5. Science Selective Junior Rabbit Food

Supreme healthy mix for your junior rabbits!

Science Selective Junior Rabbit Food

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Supreme Petfoods Science Selective is a super healthy food package for your rabbits. It comes separately for rabbits of all different ages. 

This food pellet is tailored to provide the best nutritional diet for all minor rabbits aged below 4 months. Small rabbits have weak bodies, so they need extra care and extra nutrition.

This pellet is supplemented with a mix of amino acids, vitamins, and spinach that strengthens your bunny. Plus, it is an excellent natural source of antioxidants that protect your bunny from toxins.

The pellet contains extra protein as well, to improve your rabbit’s health and support its growth and development process. For bunnies that are still attached to their mothers, it’s a great start to provide them with solid food and promote their well-being and vitality with Supreme Petfoods.


  • Rich in fiber that promotes easy digestion.
  • Protects teeth with no sugar additives.
  • Protein-rich pellet for better health.
  • Growth improving diet.
  • Best for minor rabbits.


  • Doesn’t smell good.
  • Wild bunnies don’t like it.

6. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix 

Healthy treat for your pet rabbits!

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix

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Supreme Petfoods excels in making delicious treats, especially for small animal species like rabbits. Here is yet another one of their famous bunny blends that serve as a very healthy as well as a tasty treat for small bunnies.

The bag of treats comes packed with great taste, vitamins, minerals, fibers, prebiotics, probiotics, and all sorts of natural ingredients. It provides a complete nutrition package for your little fluffy friends.

The fiber-rich diet is very effective for promoting healthy dental and digestive care. The high palatability is maintained by adding some natural, delicious ingredients such as:

  • Timothy Hay
  • Maize
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • Peas, etc.

In a single 2-pound bag, you get 32 ounces of Russel Rabbit Tasty Mixed Treats. The treats are small, smushy, and very easy to chew. So, your junior pet rabbit can nibble the soft treat easily with its milky teeth.


  • High fiber helps in promoting dental health.
  • Easy digestion.
  • Soft tasty treats.
  • Full of nutritional ingredients for better health.
  • Budget-friendly rabbit food.


  • Not very palatable.
  • Not suitable for adult bunnies. 

7. Science Selective Rabbit Food pellets

Dry-form nutritional pellets for rabbits of all stages!

Science Selective Rabbit Food pellets

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Supreme Petfoods has introduced another variety of rabbit food pellets that are made with all-natural ingredients. It comes in the dried form of rabbit treats suitable for energized junior bunnies who like chewing on things.

Your bunnies will grow up to be strong and healthy because the pellet is full of organic components obtained from natural resources. For a better and healthier lifestyle, the pellet promotes gut strengthening and digestion.

Formulated especially for house bunnies, this food pellet has everything your growing bunny needs. It has Timothy hay grass as its main ingredient, mixed with some other essential herbs, including thyme. Plus, it is rich in vitamins A and D.

The 22% crude fiber content, along with balanced minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, keeps your rabbits alive and kicking. With its dry, crunchy texture, bunnies love nibbling their food for a long time.


  • Natural flavors are full of freshness.
  • Quality organic ingredients.
  • Crunchy dry texture for long nibbling.
  • Crude fiber for easy digestion.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.


  • Might cause your bunny diarrhea.
  • Too many additive sweeteners.

8. Small Pet Select Food Pellets

Fresh food pellets of premium quality!

Small Pet Select Food Pellets

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The Small Pet Select Fresh Food Pellet is made with ultra-premium Timothy Hay grass. This rabbit pellet is fortified with not only hay but with all the ingredients of the highest quality standards.

The pellet has high fiber content and is low in calories, so your bunny has an improved digestive system without being fat. It’s rich in minerals like calcium that strengthen the bones and improve the dental health of your bunny.

The freshly prepared pellet is checked multiple times to ensure quality over quantity. So, your rabbits will only receive the healthiest and freshest rabbit food as a diet. You should feed your pet rabbits pellet food with lots of water to avoid dehydration.

The pellet bag should be stored in a cool and dry place for safekeeping. Make sure to tightly close the bag or seal it with the proper means to avoid the contents from getting rancid.


  • Very flavorful food.
  • Best Fresh quality hay.
  • Organic ingredients for promoting health.
  • Best eaten with lots of water.
  • Rich in fibers and minerals.


  • Too many fillers and additives like molasses and husks.
  • Expensive than other alternatives.

What to look for when choosing the best pellets for rabbits—Buying Guide

The best pellets for rabbits should have certain ingredients that are necessary to keep your bunnies healthy and thriving.

Some of the most important requirements for choosing the best rabbit pellets include studying the following features of the given product.

Natural Grass

The main ingredient of the pellet should be based on natural, healthy grass like Timothy hay.

High Fiber

The pellet must have a high content of beneficial fiber ( ideally 36%, 25% crude fiber) for easy digestion.

Low On Sugar Additives

Rabbit pellets should not have a large quantity of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, or any other sugary additives. 

What Foods Should My Rabbit Avoid?

Rabbits are delicate animals that have a very strict GI system and can easily get upset. Some foods can even threaten your bunny’s life or cause many severe problems. 

According to research conducted by the University of Edinburgh in 2013, a muesli-based diet is not ideal for rabbits. The muesli-styled diets are known to cause many health issues, including obesity, dental issues, and other digestive problems.

Explaining why pellets are important for rabbits


We all love our bunnies and want nothing more than to see our fluffy friends happy and healthy.

The fresh rabbit pellets help to promote the healthy well-being of your bunnies while cutting them low on fat. You can start by buying the best pellets for rabbits listed here in this article.

Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellets For Rabbits is the absolute favorite of all bunnies. It’s great in quality and very nutritious.

You can also try the alternative, Oxbow Essentials Food Pellet For All Young Rabbits which provides great value for money as a rabbit pellet.

We wish you the very best on your exciting pet journey. Don’t forget to mention your experience!

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