How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden – Try These 5 Methods

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How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Rabbits are cute and cuddly in cartoons but are seriously destructive to gardens in real life. If you find yourself relating to Elmer Fudd more than Bugs Bunny, you probably need to keep rabbits away from your garden. 

This article covers five methods that keep rabbits out of gardens. They span different budgets and effort levels, so you can pick one that best fits your situation. 

To further aid your decision, the pros and cons of each method, alongside the best-rated products for each, are included.

By the end, you’ll be able to combat your garden’s rabbit problem confidently.

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Use a Chicken Wire Fence

The most straightforward barrier that keeps rabbits out is one that they cannot overcome. A chicken wire fence like the YardGard Fence leaves no space for a rabbit, at least across the horizontal stretch of your garden. Rabbits and hares can still attempt to hop over it. 

For that, it is advisable to bend the fence outwards so that any hopping is discouraged by a fence ceiling. The second choice a rabbit might have is to dig under the fence. If the fence is 8 inches under the ground, the chances of rabbits getting to the garden from under the fence are zero.


  • A physical barrier guarantees protection against most pests.
  • Works instantly after installation.


  • Requires more effort to install compared to rubber snakes.

Plant What Rabbits Dislike

Another way to prevent rabbits from snooping into your garden is to pepper it with natural plants that act as rabbit repellents. These plants produce aromas that are pleasant to humans but offensive to rabbits and hares. Rabbits dislike the aroma of garlic, basil, rhubarb, mint, and hot peppers.


  • An organic method, hence environmentally friendly.
  • You enjoy the byproduct. 


  • A starving rabbit might power through your garden anyway.
  • Doesn’t protect against other pests.
Rabbit sniffing flowers in the garden
Rabbit sniffing flowers in the garden

Own a Cat or a Dog

The third way to keep rabbits out is by getting help from your pets. If you own a cat or a dog, letting him roam your backyard can keep rabbits on edge. This method works best if your neighbors have gardens, too, as rabbits choose the path of least danger and attack neighboring gardens.


  • Can actually kill the pest. 


  • Your pets may also destroy your garden.

Use Scare Barriers

Scare barriers are controversial as some farmers claim they don’t work while others love it. From rubber snakes to motion-activated devices that glisten and move, there are plenty of options that can scare rabbits away from your garden. 

The Hoont Cobra Water Blaster and the Bird-X Prowler Owl With Moving Wings are some of the best-rated options on Amazon.


  • Requires less effort, making it easy to install. 
  • You can use multiple barriers.


  • They aren’t as effective as physical barriers. 
  • Motion-activated scare devices cost more money .

Use a Rabbit Repellent Spray

A rabbit repellent spray can be made at home by grinding together aromatic plants that are mentioned in the rabbit-repelling plant method (method #2). The essence of two or three of these plants, once diluted with two glasses of water, can be used as a rabbit repellent. 

Alternatively, you can buy a stronger repellent with a higher success rate. Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent is one of the best purchase-ready repellents on the market.


  • Maintains your garden’s appearance better than scare owls and rubber snakes.
  • Repels multiple animals, including deer and groundhogs.


  • Requires refreshing since they are not permanent like physical fences.
  • Might affect fruits planted nearby.

Other ideas to keep rabbits out of the garden

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are pests when they aren’t pets. And they are very persistent when your garden is particularly enticing. The better your garden, the harder you need to protect it. 

To keep even the most desperate rabbits out of your garden definitively, you need to use a combination of multiple barriers, one of which has to be physical. Because if nothing physical keeps a rabbit out, desperation can overcome odors and scare tactics. 

But don’t rely on a fence alone, either. You need odor barriers to keep rabbits from continuously digging under the fence.

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