Do Girl Rabbits Hump Things? 7 Things You Need To Know

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Do Girl Rabbits Hump Things?

There’s no denying that a rabbit is one of the cutest pets you can own and is a popular choice for a pet. While it is, admittedly, very exciting to own a rabbit, it is confusing all the same. 

It’s a question that has plagued mankind for as long as we’ve been aware of rabbits: Do female rabbits hump things? And is it normal?

Yes. Female rabbits do hump things; it is actually pretty common for them to behave this way.

If your rabbit has started humping inanimate objects like blankets or stuffed animals, and you’re worried about why she might be doing so, keep reading to find out why and whether it’s harmful to your bunny.

Is Humping Harmful for the Rabbit?

Humping is normal behavior for rabbits. Humping isn’t harmful to either sex; however, it can cause injuries if any of the rabbits involved become aggressive during play.

Humping can occur as early as four months of age and continue through adulthood. It is most common in male rabbits, but females may also occasionally exhibit this behavior. 

The reasons for humping are not well understood, but they may be related to sexual or social arousal.

Rabbits tend to hump when they are happy and excited, particularly after being stroked or petted by their owners. 

They may also hump when playing with other rabbits or even see another rabbit across the room from them.

Why Do Girl Rabbits Hump Things?

Here are a few reasons why your pet rabbit may be humping everything in sight:

When She is Nervous

If you pick up a female rabbit who is already nervous or shy, she may hump your hand in an attempt to calm herself down. 

Her hormones play a part here, too. If she has recently come into heat, she will also be extra-sensitive.

If you have a new rabbit, then there is a chance that the first thing she will do when you get home is jump on top of you and start humping.

If your rabbit does this, just leave her to it and let her get on with it as long as there are no other rabbits around; she will stop when she’s had enough.

She Feels Threatened

If you try to pick up a female rabbit who doesn’t want to be picked up, or if you try to approach her when she’s eating or grooming, she may also hump your hand in an attempt to make you back off. 

This can be very confusing for owners who have never seen this behavior before and simply aren’t sure what’s happening. 

Trying to Attract a Mate

There is little difference between the social and sexual behavior of male and female rabbits. 

If your female bunny wants to mate with another rabbit, she will often start humping them and anything else nearby (such as your legs). 

This is because hormones play a big part in how bunnies behave and interact with each other, especially during mating season.

As A Display Of Dominance

Like dogs and cats, female rabbits often mount other members of their species to show off their dominant status or make themselves look more prominent and scarier to predators.

Environment Changes

Rabbits are very sensitive creatures who rely on their surroundings for comfort and security. If something changes in your home environment or routine, it could trigger stress in your rabbit.

For example, if you move the litter box or change the location of her food bowl, she may feel displaced and try to regain her sense of security by humping something unfamiliar (like your pillow).

Consider using Bach rescue remedy pet dropper, which is a natural stress reducer that will help to relax your rabbit.

Separation Anxiety

Rabbit with a flower on her head
Rabbit with a flower on her head

Another common cause of humping is separation anxiety, when pets become anxious after being separated from their owners or other loved ones. 

Rabbits tend to get very attached to their owners, so when they’re away from them for long periods, they can develop separation anxiety, which manifests as humping behavior.

As a Sign of Affection

When your rabbit humps something (including you), she may show that she likes or cares about that particular thing. She might also be trying to get your attention by giving you an extra special hug.

Do Female Rabbits Hump Cats?

Female rabbits can be taught to hump cats. But it’s not for the reasons you might think.

Humping is a sign of dominance in rabbits, and female rabbits will sometimes mount cats, other female rabbits, or even other animals, to show that they are dominant over them. The same goes for male rabbits humping other animals.

But that doesn’t mean that female rabbits will hump all the time. In fact, they only do it occasionally and only when they are trying to show dominance over another rabbit or animal.

So if your cat is getting humped by your rabbit, don’t worry. It’s just a way for your pet to show who’s boss!

Do Girl Rabbits Hump Each Other?

If you are one of the people who ended up with two female bunnies and are addled by their humping sessions, don’t worry. This is not a big deal or any cause to be concerned about.

It is not unusual for female rabbits to hump each other. This is not always a sign of sexual attraction (as it is with dogs and cats), but rather another way of bonding with one another.

Bunnies have very complex social systems that involve communication through scent and body language. 

They have several different ways of indicating their mood, including facial expressions, vocalizations, and scent marking. 

When they present themselves in front of another rabbit in a “humping” position, this is the equivalent of saying “let’s play” or “I like you.”

Should Humping Be Discouraged in Rabbits?

Although humping is normal behavior for rabbits, it can be a bit of a nuisance. Humping is not necessarily related to sexual activity, though some females will hump other rabbits. 

This can be problematic if the humping rabbit is aggressive or if he’s keeping another rabbit from accessing food or water.

Humping is more common in intact female rabbits than in spayed ones. Spaying your rabbit may help reduce this behavior, but it won’t eliminate it.

If you want to discourage your rabbit from humping, try spaying her. 

You can also use a spray bottle to stop your rabbit in mid-hump or hold her down until she stops, but make sure not to accidentally hurt her during this process.

Bonding Bunnies 101 – Bonding Behaviors

The Bottomline

Female rabbits are very comfortable humping things and are not just limited to other rabbits. 

In fact, they will hump anything they can get their paws on.

If you have a female rabbit or any rabbit, you need to be prepared for them to hump things at any time, randomly. 

It might be in the middle of the night or while you’re trying to eat dinner. It might even happen when you’re watching TV. However, the important thing is that it’s completely natural and there’s nothing to worry about.

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